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Eamonn Farrell, Fine Art Photographer.

Elements of Nature.

I have been working on a Fine Art photographic project since

2009. Its working title was The Nude in the Irish Landscape.

Its finished title is Elements of Nature.

I exhibited 11 of the images in a group show Shots for a 

Contemporary View, at the Garage Bonci Gallery in Pietrasanta,

Italy, in December 2012.

Since then images from the project have appeared in the following 


2013 Open Exhibition Royal Hibernian Academy (RHA), Dublin.

2013 Solo Exhibition, Elements of Nature, Filmbase, Dublin.

2017 Group Exhibition, Art Nude Ireland, Filmbase, Dublin.

2018 Group Exhibition, The Body/LeCorp, InSpire, Dublin.

2018 Group Exhibition, Naked Truth: The Nude in Irish Art,

Crawford Art Gallery, Cork.

Contained in this site are a selection of images from the project.

They are subject to international copyright laws and are not 

available for download. Requests for reproduction rights should 

be forwarded to the email address below. Limited and Open Edition

prints are now available for purchase on high quality archival

media. Payment is available online through PayPal.

If you are not buying straight off a gallery wall, please allow

two weeks for delivery as images are printed to order in a Fine

Art printing facility on Hahnemuhle Archival Phot Rag paper.

All images are printed at a minimum size or 29x21 inches

including border. Larger images by request, subject to image 

quality. The images available for purchase at present, are those

with a white border.

Thank you,

Eamonn Farrell.     

Email: Ph: +353 87 2606202

Eamonn Farrell,

4 Millers Weir,


County Kildare,


+353 87 2606 202

                                       News and Views

7/7/2018. Time for a long overdue update. Quite a few exhibitions

mounting up since I last visited this page, both in relation to my art

work and my photojournalism. Though I expect it is the art which

will continue to grow:

2018. Group Exhibition, Naked Truth: The Nude in Irish Art, 

Crawford Art Gallery, Cork.

2018. Group Exhibition, The Body/Le Corp, InSpire Gallery, Dublin.

2017. Group Exhibition, Art Nude Ireland, Filmbase, Dublin.

2016. Solo Exhibition, Power, Politics and Public Image, 

Hunt Museum, Limerick.

2015. Solo Exhibition, Power, Politics and Public Image, Gallery

of Photography, Dublin.

2013. Solo Exhibition, Elements of Nature, Filmbase, Dublin.

2013. Open Exhibition, Royal Hibernian Academy (RHA), Dublin.

2012. Group Exhibition, Shots for a Contemporary View, Garage 

Con Vesta, Pietrasanta, Italy.


25/4/2013. Finally got my hands on three copies of the French fine art

book, Les 20 meilleurs Photographes de Nu, which used nine of my

images. It is a beautiful publication with some great images from other

international photographers. I am really proud to have been involved.

Such a pity it is not available in Ireland.

23/4/2013. Delighted and excited to have two images from my project

chosen for the 2013 RHA (Royal Irish Academy), Annual Exhibition, to

be held in their gallery 27 May - 17 July. Maybe, just maybe, things are 

starting to happen!

12/4/2013. Well finally and not before its time, a date has been set for my 

'Elements of Nature' exhibition. It will take place from the 16th of October to

the 26th of October 2013 in the FilmBase exhibition space in Temple Bar in 

Dublin City Centre. Its exactly the type of space I have been looking for:

central, open from the street, bright and inviting to the public. I am

hoping to show 20/25 images, both limited and open editions.

I had a great opportunity to see how the space copes with an opening 

night, thanks to the beautiful Melissa Hayward (one of the models who 

will feature  in 'Eements of Nature') who invited me along to 

Donal Moloneys exciting exhibition 'Intruders' in the FilmBase.

It was a great night and an opportunity to meet some old friends.

The space coped really well with a large crowd and the layout suited

some relaxed browsing while those who wished to stay on chattering 

and drinking, had the space to do so. Really getting excited about

October now and just a little bit nervous. Excuse me while I run to

the loo!!!


11/1/2013. The French Art Nude Book "Les 20 

meilleurs, Photographes de Nu", which has just been published has 

carried nine of my images from "The Nude in the Irish Landscape
Project". If its not available in your area it can be ordered online

10/1/2013. The group exhibition "Shots for a 

Contemporary View", in Garage Bonci in Pietrasanta, Italy, wrapped on the 

6/2/2013. The opening a month earlier, was a great night and a great 

experience. Both Leon Farrell and I stayed for a week and  met some great 

people including the  Garage Bonci team, other artists, sculptors from Sems 

Studio and a host of local people from the beautiful and artistic town of 



29/11/2012. Models featured in the exhibition are Ulorin 

Vex, Ivory Flame, Iveta X, Melissa, Juchi, Katy T, Fredau, Raphaella
McNamara, Ivory Rose and Maja Stina.

29/11/2012. Prints have arrived in Garage Bonci, thanks to the Art Box 

System developed by Maurice Ward Art Handling, Dublin.

A big sigh of relief from me. And a special thanks to Myles at Art
Box. Now all I need to do is get myself over there!


22/11/2012. Prints ready for Italy: The last images for
the exhibition in Italy were  printed in Fire today and will be sent
over to the gallery tomorrow. Like having a child all over again,
except this time with the help of professional post production art
midwife Mark Paisley. Painless!


21/10/2012. Magazine Feature: The latest edition of
the French Art Nude Magazine, Photographie Artistique, has carried 10
images from my project, The Nude in the Irish Landscape.
Models featured in the images are Ulorin Vex, Ivory Flame, Fredau,
Maja Stina, Melissa, Ella Rose, Iveta X and Katy_T.
If you cannot get the magazine in your area, copies can be ordered
online from

21/10/2012. Exhibition: I will be having a group
exhibition featuring 10 images from The Nude in the Irish Landscape, at
the Garage Bonci exhibition space in Pietrasanta in Italy, for four

weekends starting on the 7th of December 2012. If you are around do drop in!

21/10/2012. Camera Obscura: That great website
Camera Obscura, run by Fabiano Busdraghi, has images and an article
on my introduction to photography. It includes images from The Nude in the
Irish Landscape and features images of  models  Monika T, Roswell Ivory,
Raphaella McNamara, Juchi, Mika Meiri, Ulorin Vex, Ivory Flame, Ella
Rose and Iveta X. 

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